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Birth Partner Preparation

"Dudela" Training


Please Help My Birth Partner

In this 3 -hour workshop, your partner will learn all the tricks in my doula bag!


Workshop includes:

A copy of Birth Wisdom Yoga Remedies and Journal for you to begin preparing for labor and birth weekly.

Workshops are scheduled a month before your due date, at your home for convenience.


Support Materials

A copy of The Birth Partner Training guide which includes:

  • Birth Wisdom Yoga Birth Breathing and Softening

  • Hands-on comfort measures for back labor and discomfort in labor.

  • Photos and the teaching of research-based poses to create space for baby during childbirth.

  • Positions for mom for the pushing phase of labor that optimize room for baby in the lesser pelvis.

  • How to advocate peacefully for a positive birth experience.

  • Informed consent questions with specific ways to advocate with your care provider if interventions are recommended.

  • Supporting mom through each stage of labor.

  • Creating Intimate Space for Mom and Baby

  • Decisions to discuss with your care provider before the birth.

  • When to go to the birth center and what it will look like when you arrive there.

  • Tips for nurturing yourself after your baby is born.

Birth Partner Training Handbook cover_edited_edited_edited.png
Birth Partner Softening Coached_edited_edited.jpg
Birth Partner Softening Coached_edited.jpg


     "I highly recommend Julia's Birth Partner workshop for extra encouragement and guidance in preparing for labor. My husband and I found it very informative and more personal than the classes we took through Sutter and Kaiser. Julia also left us with a binder full of information and resources for us to refer to on our own leading up to the delivery. I even took it to the hospital! I truly believe our natural birth experience would not have been possible without all of the preparation and support from Julia in Birth Wisdom Prenatal Yoga classes and the Birth Partner "dudela" workshop."


Ashley P. Rancho Cordova, CA

     "My husband and I attended Julia's dudela training. He reports that the experience helped him feel comfortable assuming the role of an amateur doula and advocate.  The class familiarized him with the effective strategies for comfort measures and support during (and before) labor.  Importantly, he also got some great advice on what *not* to do and say during labor :) The class was a mix of discussion of tools that Julia has in her doula arsenal and hands-on practice with the different techniques. His confidence in his role for an active birth has greatly increased as has my comfort level in knowing that he now feels fully prepared to advocate for me and labor with me."


Danielle Duckett Elk Grove, CA

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