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Pelvic Floor Health - Personal Appts (online)


I often say the pelvic floor is not, “one size fits all.” Pelvic floor dysfunction and how it manifests is deeply personal for each woman I serve. By incorporating my knowledge of the kinetic chain and how it relates to pelvic floor health, along with the ancient healing arts of meditation, breath-work, yoga, specific movement prescriptions, reflection, and daily sacred writings, my students experience life changing results. By empowering women to “own their pelvic floor health,” they have the tools to support their pelvic floor for the rest of their lives. Each 90-minute Private Session Includes: • An individual assessment of your Pelvic Floor Symptoms and health history. • Treatment of hypertonic and/or hypotonic pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, incontinence and pain. • Education of the anatomy and function of the Pelvic Floor Muscles • Practice of proper Everyday Movement Patterns, Pelvic Floor Breathing, pressure in the Pelvic Floor, and seated and standing posture. • Weekly personalized Pelvic Floor Healing Yoga and Exercise Flows created for you. • Weekly Sacred Writing Prompts based on Julia’s intuitive reading of what you need to be guided through each week. When it comes to Pelvic Floor Health, I often say, “It is all connected!” • Weekly text check-ins, movement prescriptions, and reminders from me to keep you inspired to own your pelvic floor health.

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